And so it begins!


The title says it all really. ConnieBots has been running for just over a year and I have just now decided that the next step should be to blog about what I do, what I have come across in my journey and just what it is that makes me so passionate about my venture.

Who is ConnieBots and what do we do?

I became passionate about cloth nappies when I fell pregnant with my second child. I realised we are part of a throwaway culture where everything is disposable and it all has an effect on the environment. When researching into using cloth nappies I noticed that they can be an expensive investment to begin with and that I could possibly, with the help of some tutorials and materials that I could make them myself.  This is what I had originally set out to do.

Then I came across the concept of CSP (Cloth Sanitary Protection) and it was like a light had switched on. If babies can have the luxury of a nice fluffy bottom why can’t mummies have the same when its that time of the month? I then spent time researching ideal materials and patterns that would suit the female form (the scientist part of me had come out to play!) The more I researched the more the world of CSP appealed to me.

So ConnieBots was born……..

Not only do I make CSP I also make washable breast pads, reusable baby wipes and dribble bibs. If you are going to be washing nappies you might as well be washing the wipes you use to clean the baby with at the same time. Why not throw in the CSP and the breast pads too surely its a win win situation???


So its been a while!

Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes

Its been a long time since my last blog. To be honest I forgot all about it! Keep prioritising other things first, work, orders my family. I kept saying I will update it later but pretty soon months went by. Its only really upon my most recent discovery that I remembered that really I should get back to blogging (or at least trying to!).

So what have I  been up to?

Completing orders from the lovely ladies that require my items in their quest for the world of reusables.

I have been unwell, recently diagnosed with a neurological condition, which is bringing me new discoveries on a daily basis (but I won’t bore you with those – I am starting a new blog page for that!)

I am now stocking my lovely items with new makes such as reusable kitchen roll and family roll for the lovely Jo at Boobalou. Her website can be found at